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Immigrate under the skilled workers programs

People choose to immigrate to Canada for many reasons. Whether it’s to pursue a high-quality education, to feel secure with free universal healthcare, or to benefit from Canada’s high quality of life, Canada’s got it all.There are over 100 different ways to immigrate to Canada. For that reason, everyone’s path to Canadian immigration will be unique.

For example, there are many different ways for professionals and workers to qualify for a Canada Immigration permanent resident visa. The most prominent option is through Express Entry, which is Canada's main pathway for economic class skilled workers. Your best bet to be eligible under Express Entry is to meet the requirements of either the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Canada's second largest pathway for skilled workers is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Nearly every province and territory operates the PNP so they can select immigrants that meet the needs of their local job markets. The third major option is immigrating to the province of Quebec, which operates notable pathways such as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and the Quebec Experience Class. 

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