Admission Process

In order to get admitted to a Canadian college or university, students have to meet certain criteria and requirements, whether it is an undergraduate or graduate program. Each institution sets its own admission standards depending on field of studies, program level, and each individual applicant. Furthermore, entry requirements are subject to change at the time of application.

You will be required to submit full official transcripts from all your relevant academic qualifications:

  • Official transcript of your last three years of high school or any other college you have attended
  • Certified copy of high school graduation certificate/diploma (if available at time of application)
  • High school Grade Point Average (GPA) may be required in some cases.


The essay should include your reasons for choosing a particular program, the suitability of education and experience for your chosen field, and your personal interests and goals. In addition, the essay should be no more than 500 words in length. Please not that some courses, like Business school courses, will have their own essay questions and format. The essay may help you in receiving for both admissions and financial aid or scholarships (if applicable).
Some universities and colleges arrange interviews with prospective students. The interview could be with college representatives, admissions counselors, or alumni of the institution, and may take place on campus or via Skype/telephone. These interviews are usually more informal and do not require much preparation in advance.

There are some differences in the application process if you are applying to colleges and universities in the province of Ontario and in the province of Quebec, compared to colleges and universities in the rest of Canada. 

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